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Project Gemini - After the Dawn

Project Gemini – After The Dawn

'After The Dawn' is the first track Project Gemini, AKA Paul Osborne, has unveiled since the release of his impressive 2022 debut album, ‘The Children Of Scorpio’. Based on a groove from a 2018 demo, it pushes the sound he conjured for his debut into new areas, whilst masterfully avoiding repetition. Rich with the dense incense of 70s Anatolian Rock, Turkish musicians such as Erkin Koray and Edip Akbayram provided a captivating influence. There’s also echoes of UK psych pioneers July, along with the dark, almost breakbeat-esque psychedelia favoured on Now Again’s 2009 ‘Forge Your Own Chains’ compilation. It’s a hazy, psych-folk-funk sound that will delight fans and win over new audiences.

The drummer Raz Man of Sababa 5 fame creates the backbone for the song, laying down a relaxed yet snappy breakbeat groove. Paul Elliott from Eleven 76 (and director of the Library Music Film) sprinkles some magic in the form of Eastern percussion, and Little Barrie takes things to the next level with his rhythm and lead guitar contribution. Paul's bass guitar is front and centre, whilst his layered vocals wash throughout the production. Mixed by Paul Isherwood of The Soundcarriers, and mastered by Joker, ‘After The Dawn’ is a sonic tour de force.

With a new album in the works, ‘After The Dawn' is the hors d'oeuvre in Project Gemini's next chapter. Thematically, the album is loosely based on the concept of how the hours between dusk and dawn impact human behaviour, and ‘After The Dawn' reflects the brew of guilt and elation felt after a lost night of soul searching.

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