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Soul II Soul/Zepherin Saint - Back to Life (Remix)

Soul II Soul - Back to Life Zepherin Sai

After a decade of (welcome) excess in the re-edit and remix scene of golden songs from the archive, every now and then, just a few stand tall above the rest. 

Musically, following the Nigerian Kuti/Allen 'sheets of sound', Afrobeat blueprint, Jazzie B, Simon Law, Caron Wheeler and Nellee Hooper's British Soul classic sounds as good as ever in 2020: Zepherin creating perhaps the Tuesday to Fela's Monday morning in Lagos. And what about the man behind this revamp? Enigmatic producer, DJ, talent scout and founder of Tribe records. With a well-respected label eight years in existence, touring extensively around the globe and championing the emergence of indigenous influence in electronic music, Saint is considered a key player of the Afro House genre. Listed in the top ten for Afro House artist of the year and top fifteen soulful house artists respectively, Saint produces his own unique blend of afro house, referencing primary roots into a myriad of hypnotic layers; the sound is intoxicating.


His music has attained the optimum position to convey Tribe’s message of One Sound, One People to the masses. The big breakthrough arrived in the late eighties when he released ‘Give Me Back Your Love’ under the pseudonym ‘Boyz in Shock’ on Jack Trax, considered by many the UK’s first soulful house record. 2020 looks like it's going to end well too with this stormer. Out now on Beatport.

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