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Cain - Sarissa (EP)

Cain - Gecko

Known for crafting infectious rhythms infused with an otherworldly strangeness, UK-based producer CAIN makes his debut on Darker Than Wax with Sarissa - a seven-tracker driven by his signature percussive style.

Written in his native highlands of Scotland and heavily influenced by the mountainous landscapes, Sarissa seeks to fuse together organic and synthetic sounds in unusual ways. True to his ethos of joining the dots between folk music from cultures around the world, the melodies and rhythms explored throughout are tied together by their timeless, ethereal quality. Interlocking rhythms lead the way as the skeleton in this music with cinematic harmonies woven in and out, leading the listener through dark valleys and emotional peaks.

Each tune tells its own story and has a distinct feel from the next – from the jilting rhythms and hazy rave feel of ‘Sarissa’, the crawling basslines of ‘Gecko’, and the ethereal lightness of ‘Marwa’ to the harmonic weight of Kuro. The seven cuts making up Sarissa are equally effective as dancefloor weapons, or as accompaniments on long foggy walks.