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Róisín Murphy - Something More

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A global lockdown has not prevented the one-off that is Róisín Murphy from having a prolific 2020. Every single since the turn of the new decade has been unique and unforgettable. The latest,'Something More', leans towards midtempo, bridging the gap between alternative, emotional soul music and the dancefloor.

Written by NYC songstress Amy Douglas, it came about like everything in Murphy’s world, quite naturally. In her words:
“We met last year at a very interesting talk event in london about the psychology and science of Dub. We hit it off immediately, I’m afraid we may have heckled the speakers, who happened to have among them Andrew Weatherall! I asked her to write me a song about never being full or satisfied, exponential need. She sent a very basic but brilliant demo very soon after, just her singing and playing a piano. The challenge then is to get the music-direction right, the arrangement and the voicing.

Our first version was way more straight ahead pop, funky, very camp. It seemed right when we began before lockdown but as our new reality descended upon the world, we got tired of its one and only dimension. So when this slow-burn, deep, soulful, groove emerged out of the Crooked remixes, I decided to change tack. It seemed perfect, the perfect arrangement for the song and also perfect for the moment. We’re darker ages now and this feels like morning, the sun’s coming up and it’s the last record of a very, very, good night. We need space for ‘mood’ and the ‘uncanny’ right now.”

“Róisín Machine” offers up everything you could ask for on an exquisite plate. Added to the familiar tunes are five new songs, including the Dalek-funk of ‘We Got Together’ and the fantastical “Shellfish Mademoiselle”. An album that works perfectly on the home sound system but also comes alive in a basement sweatbox, it impeccably sits alongside Murphy’s stellar cannon of work released across 25 boundary pushing, trailblazing years, a career encompassing iconic music, directorial, art and fashion moments.
Once again produced with one of her most trusted, long-time collaborators DJ Parrot, the masterful, “Something More” follows on beautifully and somewhat unexpectedly from a consistently excellent run of singles over this past year. "Something More" is taken from the fifth solo collection, 'Róisín Machine'.

In the meantime, enjoy this latest single on Skint / BMG.

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