This week: PaMu confirms its place as a pioneer in earphone technology...

The arrival of the latest aural-tech from Padmate follows two years that have seen the PaMu X13 and PaMu Scroll earbuds set a new aesthetic standard for Bluetooth audio: enter the third generation, PaMu Slide. Taking clarity of sound, design and (thank goodness someone can pull it off) battery life to a new plateau - the claimed 10 hours is proven, enhanced by the 'slide' hub, potentially producing an unprecedented 60 hours of battery life. 

The PaMu Slide Mini is the latest addition to the family.
Looking above at the video presentation and the detailed photographs, you will find a compact, 6cm x 6cm unit, containing two magnetic charging beds. On removal of each one, these can act independently for both music from a paired device or hands-free phone answering. Once the (advanced 5.0) Bluetooth element is activated on phone, tablet or laptop/desktop - and following the slide-opening of the case - the dynamic (sound) duo soon pair with the relevant device and simple instructions via the 'touch' area of the stems allow you to perform either of the above, play/pause, decline phone calls, increase/decrease volume (spilt jobs between the 'phones) and forward to the next listening item.
What else does the hub/powerbank do, apart from all previously described? Well, there is an option to flip it over and use it to wirelessly charge your phone.
In summary, this is relatively flawless: from well-balanced high, mid and low-end sound quality to connection (this listener went two floors away from a paired phone without interruption), appearance, comfortable fit and finally, that all-imporatant battery life. With financial support for this latest breakthrough via tech and design crowdfunding leaders, Indiegogo, the signs bode well for industry-standard bearer, Padmate Technology, for some time to come. 
Currently distributing from the US, there is no real obstacle to purchasing the PaMu Slide for a fair price, wherever you maybe.