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The Chosen One

Cain - Gecko

The Big Band

Excelcia Jazz Ensemble - Music for Jazz Ensemble Vol. 3

The Ethereal Songstress

Esbe - I Might Be Dreaming

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Boomerang records
Razor 'n' Tape label
Rare Wiri Records
Preference Records
Tartelet Records
Distant Future - Sampler 001 (Various)
Batakari label
Time Capsule - label
Bol Records
Some Otha Ship Connect
Ouie Circle
On the Corner label
Reel People Music
Six Degrees Records
Squareglass label
Jazz is Dead label
Vibe Boutique Records
Gudu Records
Erased Tapes
Compost 25
Stil vor Talent
Sublease music
Rhythm Section
All Day I Dream
Alberts Favourites
Gondwana Records
Tirk Recordings
Aus Music
Blind Jack's Journey
The Alternative 9 loves...
The Alternative 9 loves Local Talk
Alternative 9 loves SOUS
Alternative Nine loves Ninja Tunes
Alternative 9 Jazz Village [PIAS]
Alternative Nine loves Strut Records
Alternative Nine loves Audiomatiqu
Alternative 9 - Barely Breaking Even
Alternative Nine loves Gondwana
Alternative Nine loves Wah Wah
Alternative Nine loves Mr Bongo
Alternative Nine loves Tru Thoughts
Alternative Nine loves Z Records
Alternative Nine - Freerange Records
Alternative 9- Brownswood Recordings
Alternative 9 - Far Out Recordings
Strata Records - The Sound of Detroit - Reimagined By Jazzanova

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